Grace academy is committed to providing an individualized educational experience to each student. Upon enrollment, your student may be tested for placement to most accurately meet their educational needs. Our four high school degree plans match that of other Texas high schools and Bible is a core subject at each grade level. The curriculum we use is Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.)  for all grade levels.
Grading Standard: Below 80 is considered not passing and repeat of concepts is required. We have an honor roll program that allows privileged activities to designated students. The four degree plans offered are Honors, College Preparatory, General and Vocational. 
We also offer dual credit courses with Alamo College.


Monthyly Tuition based on 10 months

K4 is $450

K5 - 12th grade $325 for first student,

                              $295 for the second student,

and families with 3 students will have a family cap of $750 a month.


Volunteer opportunities may be available to offset some tuition costs. 


We meet with family to discuss Grace Academy and will distribute an enrollment packet. Upon return of the completed packet, we will conduct an interview with the prospective student. We will request former school records and set up an academic plan for each student.  We have the option of placement testing prior to admittance or after admittance. The family will be notified of acceptance.