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2019-2020 year will be a transition year for uniforms next year uniforms will be required from Dennis uniform Company.


Dennis Uniform company has the basic collection that you can order from this year. Check with the school office for more information.
The plaid skirts and jumpers purchased last year may still be worn this year. Next year we will change our plaid color.
We will not have an official "Chapel" uniform this year.

Uniforms will be worn everyday unless on Honor Roll and qualify for non-regulation on Fridays.
Students will wear uniforms to school on PE Days Tuesday and Thursday. Will change into PE clothes at lunch.

This Year:Grace Academy of Kerrville uniforms can be purchased at JC Penny, Wal-Mart, Academy Sports, Old Navy or Target. Students are required to have a uniform that is neat and clean, kept in good repair and proper size. Energetic, growing children make even these basic requirements difficult, thus a positive cooperative attitude between parent and staff is appreciated. Cold weather garments purchased from the specified company, or school letter jackets, are the only such garments allowed in the classroom. All other such garments (coats and sweaters) should be kept outside the classroom. All clothing (uniform, athletic, optional and cold weather garments) must be labeled with a laundry marker or name tape. All uniform variations must be approved by the supervisor. (example: a belt with various blues and browns)


SHIRT: Polo (royal blue, black or white) tucked in at all times.
PANTS: Khaki or Black Please keep pants below the ankle, no jean type material
SHORTS: Pleated or plain front Khaki shorts. (no-cargo)
SHOES: Dress shoes, boots or tennis shoes. They should be a neutral, coordinating color that does not clash with the uniform, with closed toe and heel. No sandals, soccer slides, heelies, character or light-up shoes.
SOCKS: Coordinating colors. i.e. white, navy, brown.
BELT: Coordinating colors. i.e. Black, Brown, Navy Blue.


SHIRT: Polo (royal blue, black or white) tucked in, no logo
SKIRT: Khaki Skort style, to the knee with athletic shorts underneath
PANTS: Khaki, pleated or plain front, no jean type material
CAPRIS: Khaki, pleated or plain front
SHORTS: Khaki Bermuda shorts to the knee
SHOES: Dress shoes/boots or tennis shoes. They should be a neutral, coordinating color that does not clash with the uniform, i.e., black, white, brown, navy, etc. They must be closed toe and heel. No slip on sandals, shoes, or soccer slides. Boots may be worn with slacks only. No heelies, light up, or character shoes.
SOCKS: Coordinating colors, i.e. brown, white, or navy. All grades May wear hose/tights of a solid color, white, navy, brown, or neutral
BELTS: Coordinating colors. i.e. black, brown, navy blue


If in doubt, don’t wear it. That keeps it simple for everyone.


All Students: Black shorts, required school PE shirt, Shorts should be no more than 3 inches above the middle of the knee cap, no logos


Hooded Sweatshirt: All students may wear Black zipped up, hooded sweatshirt.

Sweaters and Polar Fleeces will be allowed in Black. All other jackets are to kept outside of the classroom.


Students should be modestly dressed when they come to school. The following are examples of appropriate dress for non-regulation days:

Polo shirts, Nice t-shirts, Slacks/blouses, Nice jeans

The following are examples of inappropriate attire:
Tight tops and pants/jeans for girls
Low cut blouses
Skirts that hit above the knee when sitting down Soccer slides/sandals
Tank tops for boys and girls
Sloppily dressed ( i.e. Old t-shirts, wind pants, warm-ups sweats) baggy clothing.
NO hats in the school

The following guidelines will be enforced. Shirts, T-shirts, blouses should be long enough so that when a student bends over, raises their arms or when sitting the midriff or backside is not exposed. Students who come to school inappropriately dressed will be provided appropriate attire from the school uniform closet or parent may be required to bring appropriate clothing. Students who come in inappropriate dress will also lose the privilege to come in non-reg on the next scheduled non-reg day.

On non-reg days students who choose to wear shorts may wear only the approved uniform shorts with an appropriate non-reg shirt.