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School Notebook

Grace Academy of Kerrville is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.

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Grace Academy of Kerrville is an independent, non-profit, private, Christian school serving the Kerrville Hill Country area since 2009.  We have a strong commitment to serving Christian families by instructing students in an environment that promotes educational accomplishment and spiritual growth. Grace Academy’s experienced staff has a love for the Lord and feels called to teach. They are dedicated to sharing their academic knowledge, as well as their relationship with God. Our mission is to bring up our students to know Jesus, know the wisdom of God’s Word and to bring glory to God. 

Grace Academy uses Accelerated Christian Education curriculum to best address the educational needs of each student. We are able to assess your student and determine academic placement. Because we are specialized as a “self-taught” program, your student will be able o work at their specific academic level, thus insuring that students’ needs are best met. We are well-equipped to promote academic acceleration, as well as meet minor gaps. Because our curriculum is self-taught and student-led, we can best convey content mastery subject-by-subject. As our families can tell you, Grace Academy is closely compared to a personalized, home-school environment. Contact us to schedule a meeting and our staff will be happy to sit down and review our curriculum with you.



Grace Academy also provides extracurricular activities. Our teachers strive to add to our curriculum in areas of P.E., music and artistic opportunities. We fully understand the enrichment process and work to expand the learning experience on a class-by-class basis.


An extension of the Christian home, in a Christ-centered environment that: 
Ignites a Passion for Christ, 
Infuses a Biblical Worldview, 
Impacts the Community and World

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